My name is Mike R. and I am a lieutenant with a local police department in Orange County.  I am assigned as a watch commander, which requires me to review a large number of our department’s crime and arrest reports.  I read with great regularity the ability of people to locate others through the use of computer data bases.  It amazes me how much personal information is at people’s fingertips.

I am aware of three instances where members of my department have been targeted as the direct result of enforcement actions that they have completed.  One such occurrence was when a patrol officer issued a citation to a female violator who was suffering from a mental imbalance.  She used White Pages Dot Com in her attempt to locate his home address.  She went to three residences looking for the officer.  She told the people who answered the doors that she was looking to hurt him or his family.  We were able to locate her and arrest her before she could locate his residence.

When I started in law enforcement the only mechanism to protect your private residence information from members of the public was to request confidential status of your California DMV information.  At the same time the availability of personal information could only be obtained through a great deal leg work and through knowledgeable sources.  That is no longer the case today.

The services of LEO WEB PROTECT allow law enforcement personnel to protect themselves and their families from people who will use readily available information systems to retaliate against them for doing their job.  I signed up with LEO WEB Protect in February of this year.  Within four weeks, I found that all of my families’ private information was unavailable on these systems.  Two weeks later, Kevin Shaw sent me an update that some of my information reappeared on two of the systems and that he was in the process of having it removed again.  LEO WEB PROTECT’s monitoring program has demonstrated its effectiveness in the very short time that I have subscribed to this service.  I strongly recommend LEO WEB PROTECT to other law enforcement employees in order to get that peace of mind that your life away from work does not become part of your work.


My wife and I are both extremely satisfied with our results. We felt like LEO Web Protect treated us like VIPs and did everything they promised they would. We started with page after page of information that was available on us, now – nothing. LEO Web Protect’s follow up was fantastic too; any questions or issues we raised were acknowledged right away and addressed quickly.

We feel great about the whole experience and the price was fantastic.  I would have paid twice as much for this kind of service.

Thanks LEO Web Protect!

Mark P.

Reserve Officer

LEO Web Protect provided me a five star service.  Within hours of submitting my application, LEO Web Protect had pulled up on the web several websites displaying all mine and my families’ personal information.  As promised and in a matter of days, LEO Web Protect had contacted every company to remove me and my family from their sites.   In less than a week, my entire family’s information was removed.  I highly recommend everyone in law enforcement use LEO Web Protect services.

Lieutenant Pete C.

Prior to having LEO Web Protect I ran my name on the internet and my personal information was posted everywhere (including my address, phone number, and birth date). I hired LEO Web Protect and a week later I ran my name on the internet again. ALL of my personal information was erased and it was no longer available for the general public. Thanks LEO Web Protect!

Officer Greg D.

My partner and I were involved an OIS that resulted in media coverage.  This incident put us both in a situation where we were advised by command staff that the department was going to release our names to the media despite credible ongoing concerns about the safety of our families in regards to our personal information being readily available on the internet.  One captain told me, “it’s only gonna get worse from here, Sorry brother.”  This same captain tried to console me by talking about his war stories and how it’s not a big deal that gang members would have a picture of my house with big red dot on a map showing where I live.  Understand this: the department does not fund or actively assist its personnel in web security issues, period.  You are on your own.

Luckily, there were some more empathetic individuals that listened to reason and bought me some precious time to seek help on eliminating my personal information from the internet.  The clock was ticking and I had to act fast!  I discovered leowebprotect.com and decided to use their services. They immediately went to work in helping with my time sensitive issue.  Luckily, I was able to achieve this critical goal before our names went public.  In retrospect, I could have saved myself a lot of stress and worry ahead of time had I utilized this valuable resource prior to a critical incident.

As we all have seen in recent news, criticism of police work (right or wrong, doesn’t matter) is commonplace in today’s sensationalized media and anti-police politics.  The small amount of money invested in leowebprotect.com can add a vital layer of security from threats that most of us will never see but know most certainly exist.  Like all aspects of police work, no single tool is the solution to every problem; however, we all know our work would be far more dangerous than it already is without certain tools (gun, Taser, radio etc.).  When it comes to your personal security and protecting your loved ones, leowebprotect.com is one of those tools you absolutely should not ignore.  Sign up now, stay ahead of the curve and be vigilant.


Just as being proficient in your primary duty weapon, wearing body armor, carrying off-duty, carrying a back-up weapon, and always being cognizant of your surroundings, are all essential to Officer Safety and Survival, so too is remaining anonymous on the Internet.  LEO Web Protect is the essential tool needed to successfully accomplish this objective.  I use Leo Web Protect for my safety and for the safety of my family, and highly recommend their service for the safety of you and your family.

Sergeant Steven D.

Field Supervisor